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MRO Integrated Supply.

Purchasing Services, Inventory Management and Customized Supply Solutions for your Pan India and Global Business

  • Onsite Conignment Stores

    สากห่ดสา ดสาฟกหด ฟสกหาด่ ฟหสก่ด ฟหสาด่ฟ หสด ฟหสก่ด ฟสากห่ด

  • Inventory Outsourcing

    Why outsource my inventories ?   Outsourcing of inventories is a real strategic management tool in the manufacturing or distribution sector.A study

  • Supplier Integration Service

    Collaboration with Suppliers and Logistics Providers to Improve overall effectiveness and efficiency in Supply Chain.  

  • EAGLES Software

    Eagles is an online supply chain management software, Supplier-Customer integration software and an eMarket Place.   EAGLES is used to seamlessly manage the large

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    Soft Tissue Papers & Toilet Rolls

    New and improved products are manufactured with innovative technology and designed for comfort and ...

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    Out Source Your Inventory

    OUTSOURCE INDIRECT MATERIALS INVENTORY We stock what you need, and you pay after use ! EPLT’s ...

  • Latest Products

    • C Fold Tissue paper
    • Toilet Tissue Rolls
    • Handwash

    Our new and improved EPLT C-fold towels are designed for performance and offer superior strength, absorbency and softness. C-fold towels are made from high-class 100% virgin fibers and recycled fibers (if required).

    With the beauty of consumer tissue, EPLT tissue features rounded quilt and floral embossing. Select tissues are designed with a unique Fusion formation process providing exceptional plushness and softness for the most discerning users.

    Deeply cleanse, nourish and protect your hands whilst leaving them soft and fresh. Packed with skin boosting natural ingredients and more caring than soap